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About Us

Our lighting and system design, project management, customer service and other corporate functions are centrally driven from our headquarters, located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Unique Lighting and Controls Corp brings unparalleled expertise in modern for commercial, multi-residential, institutional and industrial illuminating applications. 


We are proud to employ, seasoned lighting experts who are readily available to assist property managers, architects, contractors and other lighting professionals. Our professionals will suggest the most energy efficient lighting systems that will lead to LEED certification, energy conservation programs and other lucrative incentives.

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Our Vision

To propel our industry forward with innovative, energy-saving, and cutting-edge lighting solutions, collectively we work with our clients to deliver attractive options with impactful results and at the best value. Excellence continues to be the hallmark of our business operations that earns us recognition as the preferred service provider in the lighting community nationwide.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring contemporary lighting solutions to life in an expanding client portfolio with diverse projects. Ultimately, the sizeable energy conservation measures we bring to the table reward us with a safer, cleaner and healthier environment, and contribute to a sustainable Canadian energy economy.

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