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SKU: 194994666066

The Lithonia Lighting ARC LED wall-mounted luminaires provide both architectural styling and visually comfortable illumination while providing the high energy savings and low initial costs for quick financial payback.

ARC2 delivers up to 6,500 lumens with a soft, non-pixelated light source, creating a visually comfortable environment. It offers integrated emergency battery backup options, including an 8W cold temperature option, making it suitable for pedestrian scale applications in any environment.


    Brand:     Lithonia Lighting
    Color:    Beige, Black, Bronze, Silver, White
    Control:    Photocontrol (Outdoor)
    Regulatory Listing: CSA
    Mounting Type: Surface
    Product Type: Wallpack
    Voltage Rating: 120-277, 347


    • P1 : 1,500 Lumens
    • P2:  2,000 Lumens
    • P3:  3,000 Lumens
    • P4:  4,000 Lumens
    • P5:  6,500 Lumens

    • E4WH:  Emergency battery backup, CEC compliant (4W, 0°C min)
    • E8WC:  Emergency battery backup, CEC compliant (8W, -20°C min)
    • PE:  Button type photocell for dusk-to-dawn operation
    • DMG:  0-10V dimming wires pulled outside fixture (for use with an external control, ordered separately)
    • SPD6KV:  6kV surge protection
    • FAO:  Field adjustable light output device. Allows for easy adjustment to the desired light levels, from 20% to 100%
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