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GE LFL UltraStart® T5 Rapid Start Ballast

GE LFL UltraStart® T5 Rapid Start Ballast

SKU: 62729
  • High Efficiency T5 ballast with Continuous Cathode Cutout Technology
  • Lower Maintenance Costs with Parallel Lamp Operation
  • Fast Starting Time <700ms
  • Auto-Restart withstands temporary losses in power without the need to cycle power
  • Anti-Striation Control for better light quality, with no striations.
  • UltraCool™ Operation 90C case rating/UL Approved 55C Ambient Rating
  • Individual lamp End of Lamp Life protection - only one lamp shuts down at end of life
  • Cold temperature -20F Minimum Starting Temperature
  • Standard Package Quantity - 10

    • Meets ANSI Standard C82.11-Cons 2002 
    • Meets ANSI Standard C62.41-1991 
    • Meets ANSI Standard C62.41-2002 
    • FCC Part 18 (Class A) for EMI and RFI Non-Consumer Limits 
    • No PCB's 
    • UL Class P 
    • UL Type 1 Outdoor 
    • UL Type CC 
    • UL Type HL 
    • High Temperature Rated: Suitable for high temperature applications 
    • UL 55C Ambient Approved 
    • 70C max case temp 5 yr warranty or 90C max case temp 3 yr warranty 
    • Product is compliant with material restriction requirements of RoHS 
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