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MasterClass T8 4'

MasterClass T8 4'

SKU: 9.5T8

The InstantFit lamps work on a broad variety of ballasts and LED drivers. Only InstantFit has over 15,000 lamp & ballast combinations delivering even light output, energy savings and a long lifetime. Our MainsFit products feature a double-ended design, simplifying installation while a proprietary safety circuit minimizes a shock risk. 


    • InstantFit works with over 350 ballasts and drivers 
    • Lifetime of up to 70,000 hours & a limited warranty of up to 7-years 
    • Plug-and-play, ballast bypass or UL Type C options available 
    • Shatter-resistant, polycarbonate tubes avialable 
    • All T8 replacement TLEDs are NSF certified and most are DLC certified

    • MAS/48-835: 9.5W, 4', 1500lm, 3500K (CRI 82)
    • MAS/48-840: 9.5W, 4', 1600lm, 4000K (CRI 82)
    • MAS/48-850: 9.5W, 4', 1600lm, 5000K (CRI 80)
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